BOB彩票 消费者信息 Disclosure

In compliance with the Higher Education Act, BOB彩票 is providing the following consumer information below to current and prospective students, employees and the public in general.

All information can be obtained by clicking the links below or by requesting a paper copy by emailing the appropriate staff member in the 联系点列表

Financial Assistance Information for Current and Prospective Students

Rights and Responsibilities of Students Receiving Financial Assistance

General Student and Institutional Information

Intercollegiate Student Athlete Information

Institutional Data and Accreditation Information


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Fire Safety Reports on Student Housing



  • Code of Conduct for Education Loans
  • Preferred Lender List - JSU does not have a preferred lender list but below is the Historic Lender list:
  • Preferred Lender Arrangements - JSU does not have a Preferred Lender List
  • 私人教育贷款
  • Annual Report on Preferred Lender Arrangements - JSU does not have a Preferred Lender List


Professional Certification and Licensure Disclosures




透明度 and Institutional Representation